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Product: Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm             Product: Safety Turtle

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Warranty: Two year                                          Warranty: One year

Batteries Not Included                                     3-5 yr Sealed Battery


We want our family to have fun on hot summer days and there is no better way to stay cool while having fun outside than playing in our own pool. But, we have to make sure we are responsible with our pool and consider how safe it is even when we are not using it. While pools are a great way to beat the summer heat and have fun, they can be dangerous.

We can keep a close eye on the children having fun in our pools while we are having family fun, but, what about when we are not using the pool? We have to be sure there are no children or animals in the pool when there shouldn’t be. This is where a pool alarm can come in real handy and ease our minds when we can’t personally make sure the pool area is secure. What about Pool Patrol?

Making Waves

Pool Patrol floats on the water and sounds an extremely loud alarm letting you know if something weighing over 7 pounds disturbs the water making waves, such as, a child or a pet. The alarm sounds in your house and outside at the pool. It has a sensitivity ring that can be adjusted to prevent false alarms in case of a storm coming through your area.

Pool Patrol Model PA-30 is good for pools that are smaller than 20 by 40 feet (for larger pools you can purchase Model PA-25 in addition with the PA-30 to expand coverage area). It can be attached to the side of the pool with strings and hooks which are included with the alarm so that it can be placed in arms reach.

Being Compliant

Since 2011, more states have passed laws requiring pool alarms to be installed before making your pool operational. The requirements differ by state. For instance, Tennessee requires alarms on pools deeper than thirty-six inches and for the alarm to detect objects larger than fifteen pounds. Also, owners are required to post a sign alerting people of the alarm requirement.

The Pool Patrol Model PA-30 is compliant with ASTM F2208. This specifies standard safety requirements for residential pool and spa alarms. This specification covers devices that are intended to rapidly detect and prevent the unintentional entry of children one year old or older into the pool.

Coverage For Larger Pools

If you have a pool larger than twenty by forty feet, you will need to extend the coverage area. The Pool Patrol Model PA-25 in addition to the PA-30 will extend coverage for larger pools. It is ASTM F-2208 compliant when used with Model PA-30. Adding the PA-25 extends all features of the PA-30 to the larger pool.

Relax And Enjoy Your Pool

Having a pool alarm to secure your pool when you can’t, allows you to relax and enjoy having your own pool. You can feel sure that your pets and children along with neighborhood pets and children can’t have any accidents in your pool due to your negligence.

You’ll feel confident that you have taken necessary precautions to keep everyone safe. And, you’ll be compliant with state regulations. Let Pool Patrol do the work for you.

The Safety Turtle

For added safety and peace of mind, try the Safety Turtle. Just attach a wrist band to your children or pets and you will be alerted if it is submerged. During family pool play, let the Safety Turtle help add extra safety keeping the small children or pets out of the pool when you’re taking a break from playing with and tending to them.

If your children are playing outside and your inside tending to a baby or laundry, you’ll know immediately if one plays around the pool and accidentally falls in.  It will even alert you if your child or pet falls into a nearby neighbors pool!

You can use multiple wrist bands to one base. The child Safety Turtle comes with a locking wrist band. The Pet Collar Attachment Turtle is available at Amazon for $54.99 and can be used with the same base.

You can never be too safe when it involves your loved ones.  Know your kids and pets are safe; give the Pool Patrol and Safety Turtle a try and enjoy your summer with peace of mind.

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