4 in 1 Convertible Cribs – A Review Of DaVinci Baby’s Espresso Crib

Product: DaVinci 4 in 1 Convertible Espresso Crib

Price: $179.00

Price with Toddler Rail: $229.00

Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com

2 Year Warranty $15.99

3 Year Warranty $21.99

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Why A 4 IN 1 By DaVinci Baby

Finding the right crib is the first step in creating a safe environment for your new baby. But, the baby doesn’t stay small for long. Before you know it, you need a bed to fit his/her growth and maturity. Then, again, you will need to find yet another bed for your fast growing little one. Still, it doesn’t end there, you will have to upgrade one more time. All the while, keeping safety and durability in mind through every stage.

Today, 4 in 1 convertible cribs are the way to go. They mature with your child and are made to last through all the stages of his/her young childhood converting from crib, to toddler bed, to day bed, and then to a full size bed. DaVinci Espresso 4 in 1 Convertible Cribs are affordable while following the recommended safety guidelines. Including the stationary side, instead of the drop downside, that we have come to recognize as a major factor for injuries in the past. Consumer reports states that drop down sides have been linked to at least 32 deaths in the past ten years.


About The Maker

Since 1990, The MDB Family has produced brands such as DaVinci Baby, Million Dollar Baby Classic, Babyletto, Franklin & Ben, Nursery Works, and Ubabub. They are dedicated to providing families with the safest products for our children. While they specialize in furniture for babies and children as they are growing, they also have environmentally friendly manufacturing practices to help keep the world around them as safe and as toxin free as the products they produce.

Safety 1st

For safety, the DaVinci 4 in 1 Convertible Espresso Crib meets the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) guidelines and is made to convert into a toddler bed when your child reaches 35 inches. It has adjustable mattress-height positions to keep baby from falling out as he/she grows and starts to sit or stand. Per safety guidelines the slats are no more than 3 3/8 inches apart.

I recommend getting the Graco Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress which fits the crib according to safety guidelines and is also sold at Amazon.com. It has a water resistant, hand-washable cover to prevent mold growth and is made with breathable foam for air flow. It is free of toxins and is more firm than the DaVinci Complete Crib Mattress which has been getting poor customer reviews because of how soft it is.


In July 2015, the CPSC recalled close to 18,000 DaVinci cribs due to 15 incident reports of the metal brackets that connect the mattress support to the crib breaking and causing possible entrapment, falling, or cutting hazards. The recall was on four of the crib models made between May and December 2012.

There were no injuries with any of the incidents and the company replaced all mattress supports, including the brackets and fixed the issue. You should always check for recalls regularly to be sure you are up to date on any possible safety hazards concerning the products you trust your children with. There is no such thing as a perfect product, but, the good ones strive to be the best and to always improve in all areas all the time.

A Name To Trust

At the end of the day, we have come to trust DaVinci Baby and the cribs they produce to keep our babies safe and well rested. They have earned that trust with the safe, durable, classic, timeless styles we know and love.

2 thoughts on “4 in 1 Convertible Cribs – A Review Of DaVinci Baby’s Espresso Crib”

  1. Mike says:

    Tina.  Very informative ariticle about the benefits of the 4 in 1.  Our daughter has been looking at cribs for her newborn, but the 4 in 1 is so versatile and long lasting.  What a handy item to take them all the way up to a full size bed.  We will make sure our daughter is aware of this.  And for the price…what a deal!  Are other colors available?

    1. Tina Coulter says:

      Thank you, I was hoping I might be able to give some young mothers some safe, affordable, stylish ideas. And it also comes in three shades of Slate, Rich Cherry, and Autumn.

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